Welcome To Oakwood Valley Swim Club!

OVC is a membership based community swim club nestled in the woods off Kirkwood Highway. Aside from our coaches, our swim team is run entirely by parent and community volunteers. The pool membership is made up of families from the surrounding area.
Our competitive pool is a 25 meter, 6-lane, rectangle pool with a diving area.
Our baby pool is seperatly fenced to accommodate our toddler swimmers and their parents.
We have a large deck and pergola in the sun, and a picnic area in the shade with plenty of picnic tables, grills, and umbrellas for all, as well as a volleyball court and swing set for the kids.

Our seasoned guards are friendly and foster positive family values. They enjoy getting to know each member, especially the kids.
Feel free to contact oakwoodvalleyclub@gmail.com for more membership information.

2021 Pool Hours

Opening Week:
Saturday, May 29th - Monday, May 31st: 12p - 8p

Tuesday, June 1st - Friday, June 4th: 4pm - 8pm

Regular Operating Hours:
Saturday, June 5th - Sunday, August 22nd: 12p - 8p

On Friday's, OVC will be open until 9pm*! 

(*some exceptions may apply)

Closing Week:
Monday, August 23rd - Sunday, September 5th: 4-8pm
Labor Day: Monday, September 6th: 12pm-6pm


Weather Policy:

Due to the low lying location, large surrounding trees, and the force of summer storms that can threaten our club, we have a very strict weather policy in order to keep our staff and members safe.  
Storms often come through VERY quickly and with little warning.
We do our best to properly prepare.

Should we make the very difficult decision to close early due to inclement weather, we will not reopen for the day.
 This decision is often last minute and difficult. We appologize for any inconvenience, however, our priority is the safety of our staff and members.

If the weather is ever predicted to not exceed 60 degrees, we will not open for the day. This is for the health of both our guards and members. 

Please check our Facebook Page for "on the fly" Weather Updates, as this is the fastest and most mobile way to keep our members updated.



All guests must be accompanied by a member at least 16 years of age.
Guests must sign in and pay the daily guest fee of $10.00 per day.
Please sign in with the guard on duty.

Guest pricing:
1 day pass - $10 = 1 person

Each guest after the first (of the same party) is ONLY $5/day.
Maximum of 6 guests per membership per day.

Rules and Regulations

- NO tolerance for abusing alcohol
- No Glass
- Please dress appropriately.
- NO RAFTS (baby floats are acceptable with ADULT SUPERVISION only)
- Smoking not permitted inside or near the front entrance.
Please smoke by the far side of dumpster area and throw away your remnance.

- No Running
- No swimming without a lifeguard on stand.
- Parents are responsible for their children. - no children in the baby pool gate without an adult present.
- No child under the age of 15 is to have access to the facility without an adult member present. 

- Do not move facility equipment without the permission of a guard.  This includes but is not limited to: pool lane lines, water hoses, trash cans, picnic tables, umbrellas, lounge chairs, etc…
- No leaving showers, sinks, or hose water running unattended.
- The office is for STAFF ONLY. If you need to utilize a refrigerator, please ask a lifeguard on duty.

Guards reserve the right to ask any member or guest to leave the premises if they feel the rules are being disregarded.

COVID-19 State Rules and Regulations
We are implementing guidelines to keep our members safe, along with other regulations administered by The State in order to operate and open OVC gates in a safe manor.

We are sorry for any inconvenience.  Your safety is our #1 priority!

-Please bring your own coolers, there will be no utilization of the office or refridgerators-

- Please remain 3 feet away from other parties both in and out of the pool - 

 - Recommended face coverings if you have not had the COVID-19 Vacinne-

- If you are sick or ill, or believe you have been in contact with someone who is sick, please refrain from coming to OVC. 

Remember to wash hands often, use face coverings, and please respect others space.


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