Oakwood Valley Swim Team

Mission: Oakwood Valley is committed to the sport of swimming. We foster a fun, positive atmosphere for families and swimmers. Our unified vision allows us to charge forward and motivate our swimmers to do their very best for the sport of swimming.

Vision: To inspire and improve our swim program to a level of excellence in the sport of swimming.

Objective: Oakwood Valley encourages all swimmers to participate in this positive, energy charged sport. Our goal is to have all families benefit from our core objectives of our strategic business plan.

Competitive Success: Oakwood Valley benefits from the inspiration and drive of our young swimmers. When our swimmers are successful the club shines and grows.

Swim Team Registration Fee: $0
Swim Team Operations Fee: TBD

Please email oakwoodvalleyclub@gmail.com to request a registration form.


Saturday, June 1st
Countdown to Summer Party:
see "socials" page for details

First Week of Practice:

June 3rd & 7th 
6 - 8pm - ALL AGES
Please try to make it to both of these practices.  
This is a great opportunity for the swimmers to get their feet wet, meet other swimmers, and give the coaches a good idea if any practice adjustments need made.  
2019 Practice Schedule: 
Beginning June 10th
Mondays and Thursdays:
Morning Practice

8 - 9:30am: 12&U and older
9:30 - 10:30am: 10&U and younger
Tuesdays and Fridays:
Night Practice

6 - 7pm: 10&U and younger
7 - 8:30pm: 12&U and older
Wednesdays: Morning Practice, Night Meets
9:30 - 10:30am: all ages: swim meet prep
PM Meets: To be announced

Team Time Trials and Spirit and Pizza Party:
Saturday, June 8th
Please be at OVC at 9am.
There will be pizza, watermelon, and poster making fun to follow.

Meet Schedule

Swimmers expected to be on location by 8am for Saturday morning meets & 5pm for Wednesday PM meets
Swimmers must swim in at least 4 meets to participate